KOLCU MEKANİK ENDÜSTRİ AŞ. 2005 yılında İzmir'de kuruldu. 1977'den beri sektörde çeşitli görevlerde üstlendi. Zamanla bir çok proje bitirdi.


      - Demir Çelik Endüstrisinde; Haddehane, Çelikhane ve yardımcı tesisleri(Toz Toplama Tesisleri, Su Tesisleri, Oksijen Tesisleri, Tav Fırınları) 


      - Kimya Endüstrisinde; Polimer ve Fiber Üretim Tesisleri 


      - Gaz ve Petrol Endüstrisinde; Rafineri ve Petrokimya Tesisleri 


      - Enerji Endüstrisinde; Doğal Gaz Enerji Tesisleri ve Termik Enerji Üretim Santralleri


      - Çimento ve Kireç Endüstrisinde


KOLCU MECHANIC moved to Aliağa Industrial Zone in 2017 with various reformation and renovation investments and by adding manufacturing and installation of steel construction and  into its range of products, thus strengthening its place in the sector. 


Owning a 4000- m2 indoor production area, KOLCU MECHANIC  further strengthens every day thanks to its awareness of keeping to 'superior quality and superior service' principles, experience from the past and the experienced and expert staff they incorporated. It is pursuing its reliability and professionalism resolutely by delivering the works it undertakes on time through high quality workmanship. 


Because our work environment can be open to danger at any time and we would like to pursue our success for long term, we work in compliance with the framework of human resources and job safety. We are still working hard so that the services we provide today get even better in future, by taking into account the needs of our clients and the projects we are involved in.